Pictures of the cottage and Deal

Here we have a selection of our favorite pictures. They are of Deal, the holiday cottage and the surrounding area. These are just a few that we’ve taken whilst living in Deal, we find Deal so photogenic we can’t help keep taking photographs! We hope they will help give you an idea of what life is like in this corner of Kent and tempt you to come here on holiday and explore it for yourself.

Most of these pictures have been taken within an easy walk of Exchange Street with a cheeky few having been taken whilst out on our RIB, but all are local. You’ll see that there truly are some stunning sights around Deal and the surrounding areas. So much history that dates back as far as Julius Caesar and the Romans.

The Cottage


In and around Deal

The majority of these pictures have been taken with an iPhone or Google Phone, and no filters have been applied! We do not need them to make some of the views we have to be so stunning.

My favourites truly are the sunrises and sunsets from the beach, which is only a few yards up the road from the holiday cottage. As we’re one of the most easterly points in Kent, and the UK, we get to see the sun before anyone else. It’s definitely worth waking up early for!

If you have any pictures that you’d like to share with us too, please feel free to send them over, we’d be happy to host these (with due credit, of course!). We are all for anything to help promote Deal and the surrounding area as we think its just so special!